Clear Price Guarantee

Nobody enjoys the process of waiting for their legal bill, especially when they don't know what to expect.

This is why we offer a Clear Price Guarantee - if you instruct us to work on your behalf, your fees will be transparent, you will receive your cost estimates in advance, and there will be no unpleasant surprises when you do receive your bill.

We are so committed to transparency, that you will not have to pay your bill if we did not tell you about it in advance. 

Furthermore, knowing what your legal costs will be in advance will allow you to budget better and ensure that you feel in control of your legal costs.

How our Clear Price Guarantee works

Typically there are 2 types of legal case:

1. With straight-forward cases you can expect us to provide you with a guaranteed price for a guaranteed job.

2. With complex work (where we cannot be certain what will crop up) we will give you a clear estimate of what we expect the work to cost. If during your case our estimate alters, we’ll let you know in advance.

For both types of case, we provide a guarantee that you do not have to pay any charges for our work that we hadn’t told you about before we do it.

We also offer a Free First Advice service - contact us by phone or email and speak to one of our legal experts to receive free initial advice without obligation.

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